RockBot6 Development release info

You can now get functional (but unfinished) releases of RockBot 6 to try and use. Since most of the help and online informatin is not yet updated, check out this page for information on using RB6 before reporting bugs.
NOTE:Rockbot is now using the SourceForge Project tools. This means that on the RockBot SourceForge site you will find up to the minute version changes in CVS, forums, mailing lists, and bug tracking/feature request areas. The sourceforge site is likely to be more-updated then this page, so its a good idea to look there.
100RockBot6-Dev 100No official release
105RockBot6-dev105.tgzFeb 4 1999
200RockBot-6.dev200.tgzApril 15 2001

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